Perspective Pilot

Perspective Pilot 2.0.7

Correct the perspective in your photos


  • Simple to use
  • Vertical and horizontal perspective correction


  • Won't work with certain filters such as a fish eye lens

Not bad

Perspective is one of those areas of photography that is impossible to avoid and which can sometimes cause problems. If you take a lot of pictures of buildings, streets or urban skylines then you'll only be too aware of the way that perspective can distort an object in the foreground, making it appear that it's leaning at an angle rather than standing straight.

Perspective Pilot is designed to rid you of these worries by allowing you to quickly correct images that have been skewed in this way.

Using the program is very easy.

You simply load an image into the program and draw a vertical line across the area you want to correct. Then, the program automatically adjusts the picture to make buildings straight.

You can also use it to correct horizontal distortion. Perspective Pilot works very well in most cases, although if you've used a filter, such as a fish eye lens, to take your shots then the program struggles to achieve anything.

Perspective distortions often appear in architectural building photography and urban landscape photography. Such distortions arise from taking an urban landscape using a wide-angle lens and also may be caused by inappropriate aspect angle.

Perspective Pilot


Perspective Pilot 2.0.7

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